Brand Design


A select collection of brand identities created with interesting multi layered stories with careful deliberation of font, colour, proportion and graphic. Emphasis is also on making a logo scalable, multi-material friendly and production cost effective. Hand drawn element to graphic gives each logo a distinct flair that helps in most effective brand 'art'iculation.


Design of brand stationary and marketing collaterals such as flyers, mailers and posters involve creativity, production understanding and material manipulation ability. These come together as the first visual impact elements for a start-up brand. A select few are here to view.


Niche advertising involves witty headline and content tweaks, photographed elements merged with graphic art and layout design. These few samples combine such factors in the quest to engage customers from new markets. The key to the success of such creative is repetition, consistency and scale of investment in advertising.


Select packaging works, ranging from consumables to technology are displayed. The production parameters are important to pre-decide for this sector of design, because form follows function here.


Accessories are objects of purpose that are bought with desire. The blend of fun and functionality is on display in some select works ranging from trophies to apparel. Design has to be created upon strong material knowledge with cost parameters firmly understood.


Samples of work that involve multi- materials ranging from metal, wood to paper and create 3-dimensional appeal to a viewer by being a part of stalls or interiors are here to see. Durability, cost- effectiveness, sense of proportion and balance along with good vendor management skills are required to achieve entertaining yet practical customer engagement platforms.